Check the network connection

If your issue is related to your connection, these steps should help get you back online

  • Turn off your WiFi connection and/or restart your router
  • Check your firewall and make sure that you set Stingray Music as an exception
  • Note that public WiFi spots (like at the gym or a coffee shop) can have many users on the same connection at once. This can limit the playback ability of the app.
  • If you have access to a different WiFi connection, we recommend trying the app or web player with it to determine if the issue is related to your connection.

Please note that the Stingray Music mobile app needs a stable connection to function properly and that carrier coverage can vary a lot when on the road or covering large distances. We also suggest that you close and re-launch the Stingray Music mobile app which may resolve the issue. 

Additionally, we recommend ensuring that the battery-saving mode option is disabled.

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