How can I submit my music to Stingray for consideration?

For consideration for airplay on Stingray Music, forward a download link to a zipped, high-quality digital version of your music to Please do not send music or data files as email attachments. Be sure the digital submission is as a high bit-rate mp3, flac, wav, or apple lossless format. We also work with music delivery services such as DMDS, PlayMPE, and AirPlay Direct (as well as others).
We prefer digital delivery because it is immediate and efficient. Otherwise, you can mail one copy of your CD to the following address:
Music Director
Stingray Music
730 Wellington
Montreal QC Canada
H3C 1T4
Please only submit brand new or advanced music releases. We will contact you if we need your back catalogue. We encourage you to include a brief description of your music, and a note suggesting which *Stingray Music* channel it would be best suited for. If you are sending a full album, please state which tracks we should focus on.
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