What happened to all my Stingray channels on Helix?


As of November 11, 2021, Videotron will go from 52 channels to 25 channels in their Helix TV Guide.

The remainder of these channels can still be accessed through the Stingray Music TV app.


To access your full Stingray channel listing, go to the Apps section on your TV and launch the Stingray Music TV app or say “Stingray” into your voice remote.

For your convenience, the image below should also appear to help guide you to the Stingray Music Tv app.



You may also find channels from your Videotron Helix lineup for free on the Stingray Music mobile app or by visiting the Stingray Music Web Player.


If you would like to share any feedback regarding the TV-guide lineup update on Videotron Helix, we invite you to reach out to Videotron Helix @ Videotron Helix Support




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